Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas greetings and a brief update

With most of the family struck down with heavy colds and a Christmas Tree that would not stay up, to the point where the real tree, now completely devoid of needles was relegated to the garden and an artifical one purchased on Boxing day you would think Christmas Day was one to forget...

However it presented the opportunity of getting some family game time in with the family favourite Zombicide! Dosed up on cold remedies the clan set about dispatching the hordes of undead as we fought our way to the exit. 

A new game entered the familiy stable this year in the shape of the Sheriff of Nottingham, a game of bluff and outright lies and fakery. This was a present from my gaming gang at the old company and it was the first opportunity to get it out of the box since leaving in November.  

Image result for sheriff of nottingham

The guys had done a fantastic job of giving the front of the box a make over including my own face.
Thanks guy's bloody brilliant..... It's just a shame I could not share it with the rest of the workforce for fear of outing you all as gamers :-)
And no I don't see any likeness....

Each games last around an hour and half, the trick is to sneak enough contriband goods past the sheriff, whilst at the same time offering the occasional bribe to make it worth his while not to look in your sack. 

With the requirement to tell lies why did I think for one moment that 3 teenage daughters would be any good at such a game. 
Needless to say I have lost every game so far.

Meanwhile in last club night of the year, my good friend Dane, brought in his Mythic Battles Kickstarter. The game comes in three parts, setting it up, playing the game and then finding the right tray to put it in at the end..... OK so it's not that bad but it does require a degree of prep before the game, it has some lovely castings but where do you store it all?

With our Gods and Heroes assembled we set off collecting the red gems, first to four wins and there are only seven available.

The game went down to the wire with the good guys falling at the final hurdle as Apollo was felled and the loss of a God resulted in a loss for my side. Definately one to play again. 
Have a good break everyone - Next up the Annual review of 2017...


  1. Hope you are all on the mend Stu. Shame about the Xmas tree, but at least you got some games in. Like the custom box artwork for the Nottingham game!

  2. I feel your pain, both my wife & I have been down with illness for the whole Christmas break. I am pretty much over it now, though the wife had to get anti-biotics. Ahh Mythic Battles...still waiting for mine to arrive!

  3. Glad you like the gangs game! Thoroughly enjoyed playing it last weds and good to see you back in the capital of wargaming! Catch you soon