Monday, April 02, 2018

Haitian project - Shock Markers

It seems like ages since something came off the painting production line, so I thought I would ease myself back into with some additional shock markers for the insurgent forces in Haiti. They are from Foundry's Darkest Africa range, but will do the trick for the slave army.

They still need some extra flocking but will come in very useful, now I have my eye in, time to move on to the rest of the additional command figures.

I picked this fine looking fellow up from Gringo's 40 at Derby last year and figured he would make a great addition to Free People or French Forces. It depicts General Dumas but will be perfect as a 'Freeman' Officer. The lighting gives the impression that his tunic is a lighter shade of blue, but it is slightly darker in natural light as is the flesh tone.

Next up - Slave Standard Bearers.