Sunday, January 22, 2023

Western Desert - Commando's

Back to the brushes. A free gift from a good friend, one of those sprues that comes with Wargames Illustrated, what with these and the extra Germans donated by members of the Wyre Forest Club I have enough to make a couple of extra units.

These come from Warlord Games Commonwealth Infantry Range, picking from their mix of headgear they represent Commando's or SAS in the Western Desert.

Ideas are bubbling away on the campaign front, I am thinking about a narrative type campaign within which players will be given a number of command choices, each success or defeat will lead to a different set of choices. All backed by a wider campaign map which allows broad campaign moves to be made.

I will probably look to mix in 'Platoon Forward' from by Joe Legan this introduces a number of character traits and potential sub plots for the senior leaders on each side.

In true commando comic fashion I rolled up the leader of this section.

Captain John Preacher of the LRDG a Scholarly man, Pious and Devout, holy text comes before the drill book, imagine finding yourself in the holy land. Could this be his calling to deliver a fresh Crusade.

Preacher is accompanied by 5 other veterans to disrupt the German war effort or that of the Vichy French.



  1. A fine body of men and narrative campaigns get my vote!

    1. Thanks Steve, got some expanded thoughts, stay tuned in the coming weeks.

  2. A nice bonus courtesy of a mate and they look just the job for some "Rogue Heroes" action, Stu!

    1. You could be right but that's a whole other rabbit hole :-)