Sunday, March 31, 2024

Zikanga - The rescue

Welcome to Part 2

With the Warlords militia firmly in control of the village, intel has reached command that the UN prisoners are still being held in the village - Strike Force Dagger have orders to infiltrate the village find the missing Blue Helmets and get them out.

8 Buildings but which one was holding the prisoners? - The mission started well with the silencer armed spec ops men taking out several guards randomly patrolling the village, the operators peered into a number of the buildings. No hostages only sleeping militia men.

Guards are taken out very often at close range, before any alarms can be raised.

Strike Force Dagger went on over watch on several of the huts just in case any of the warlords troopers awoke. Each hunt contained between 1-4 men.

5 Huts down and no sign of the UN men, at the far end of the village a guard spotted a trooper (double 6) and shouted an alarm.

The militia man went down under several silenced rounds, but the village was starting to stir.

Finally X marks the spot and Hut 7 revealed the prisoners....

The alarm was sounded and a number of the garrison spilled into the street, several never made it as the operators on overwatch fired a burst into the militia men before heading out into the early morning mist.

Slipping out of the back window of hut 7, the UN men were escorted away as a trooper kept the heads down of the militia men.

Several rounds whizzed past the escaping hostages, one wounding a special ops man in the arm, but they made good their escape.

At the far end of the village the main force fell back drawing many of the garrison with them, allowing the hostages to slip into the hinterland.

Mission accomplished.

Not a bad encounter, a couple more tweaks to the rules adding in over watch and the ability of the SF teams to improve their targeting. 
I also split the models into NPC's and Characters only recording location of wounds for the leaders of the militia and all of the SF Team which made the recording of wounds simpler and made the militia men far more expendable.

The body count was 12 militia men for one wounded SF trooper which felt about right.


  1. An excellent little game Stu and as you say, it all sounds quite realistic

    1. Needs a couple of tweaks and some 'borrowing' from other rules sets but it was quick and bloody.