Sunday, April 21, 2024

FootSore Muslim Light Cavalry - Outremer.

Still in the Levant and I finished a another group of light cavalry for the forces of Saladin armed with spear and bow they could be a real handful on the table. 

Having played a couple of Baron's war recently I am looking to give Lion Rampant a run out in the next couple of weeks to see how the two compare, I am still a little light on forces but the idea of 12/6 points for units means I can get some smaller units on the table.

Great sculpts by the Footsore team as always, interesting to hear about their hook up with Atlantic Miniatures for some plastic box sets, I hear that 4 sets are planned, Foot Knights have been confirmed with suggestions that levy, Sergeants and Cavalry are in the wings.

Next up time for some Christian/Pilgrims as these raiders needs some easy targets to pester on the road to the Holy Land.