Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Paint Table.

Well the bank holiday may have been a wash out with Storm Katie battering the UK it did give me a chance to hide away in doors and make some serious in roads into the various projects currently on the go.

The priority had to be the Russian infantry for the Chechen Wars project, the vehicles had been completed a couple of months back and they were in need of some infantry support, espically given the planned force on force outing next week.

Three sections completed with their BTR 70/80's transport.
With Armies Army kickstarter, modern winter Russians due for dispatch in the coming months, it will be nice to recieve these knowing that the backbone of the force is complete.

I have a couple of BMP's to make up and some support elements, but they can wait a while.

Monday and time to up a scale.
A further bunch of Chinese militia have been clogging up the paint table for a few weeks, so these needed to be completed before moving on to more fanciful units.

The Avanced Songs of Blades and Heroes rules arrived last week, so these will come in handy when I give the rules a run out shortly. With 50 or so of these complete I can move on to more government types to give Lin Chung a run out taking on the evil Kao Chiu.

Whilst the paint dry's on the militia I used the opportunity to finish off some Cherry Blossom trees these should have been ready for Hammerhead but were delayed in the post.

I am not sure how they will stand up to regular game play, I seem to be losing blossom quicker than the real thing. A couple of coats of varish my hold some of the scatter in place - but if anyone has any other suggestions?

Still they do look the part and will give the table a more oriental feel.

And last but not least - The Products for Wargamers pond gets a make over, a new paint job and some extra tufts make it suitable for the Middle East.

Really pleased with the output this weekend.
Oh and the Kitchen was finished as well....
I might be in the good books for a few weeks to get this little lot on the paint table.

So many projects so little time.


  1. That's an impressive and nicely presented assortment. You've had a very productive long weekend.

    I can't remember if I've heard of people using a mister bottle, with pva glue diluted with water and sprayed over trees? I've been using hairspray (not mine!) to do the job, it has seemed to hold 99% of my foliage but bits do appear on the base beneath from time to time.

  2. Now that really is a productive bank holiday and the kitchen as well!

  3. Very impressive amount of work Stu:)

  4. Nice to see the brushes getting a work out Stu .
    Regards Gav .

  5. Well done Sir! Such a lot of good work done.

  6. You have indeed been busy Stuart. I find a good spray of Matt Lacquer helps foliage stay on trees. Regards. KEV.