Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chechnya 1994 - Russian Reinforcements

Far to many projects recently and the release of Sharp Practice 2 has not helped me keep on plan. However it has given me the focus on clearing the decks before the postman arrives with reinforcements to bolster lead mountain.

The recent adoption of 1980's Laserburn rule set has resulted in some great modern games recently, a rule set that balances AFV's and Infantry without resulting in Flames of War style tank battles or 5 infantry a side micro gaming.

However they are bloody affairs and extra infantry were definately needed to give the table top commander some extra options on the day.

The latest batch are from Eureka's MVD Russian range differs from the early troops as these are waering the Maska helmet, both with the visor and without, fighting in this must have been tough, they also give the Russian's a slight Sci-fi look, great for that 2050 feel I was thinking about in an earlier post.

I opted for one 9 man section in the light Brown cold weather gear which mix in well with the first batch of painted troops.

The second section of 7 men so they fit within a BMP are in the more commonly photographed urban camo.

Next up Russian Heavy Weapons and Supports.


  1. Great looking figs, Stu. BTW, a lot of folks at the recent con I attended were always looking forward to Sharp Practice 2.

    1. It is certainly filling most of my planning time Dean... just need to clear down the painting table.