Sunday, May 15, 2016

Operatsiya Dark Star - Scenario 1: Don't Bother Knocking.

Yet more Laserburn - Modern.
Not that Scenario's are difficult to come by, but I had an idea to transpose some of the Ambush Alley scenario's from Iraq to Chechnya

We got the call out at 0700. A professor of biochemistry on his way to Grozny University ran into some traffic problems. You know. The kind that carries Kalashnikovs. 
The Professor had a security detail of MVD, but the ambush they ran into was surgical. Within three minutes the entire detail was dead and the Professor was in the back of a van headed for parts unknown. 

The GRU went into overdrive trying to track the guy down. The bad press of a precision snatch and grab followed up by a videotaped execution would be bad enough even in Russian controlled state media, but to make matters worse, the Professor knew how to cook up some nasty bugs – and how to distribute them where they’d do the most harm. 

It took eighteen hours, before the van was tracked down to a neighborhood on the southwest area of Grozny a known Chechen stronghold.  Lt. Col. Daviski’ finger poked the faded photo on the briefing room’s wall. 
“That’s the place, comrades. When you get there, go in rocking and don’t bother knocking.”

Tselevaya Gruppa Black had a target. We thought it would be a simple hostage rescue. In and out, no fuss.

Mission Brief The Professor is being held in a building in a crowded neighborhood on the edge of Grozny.
A Tselevaya Gruppa Black (Task Force Black) special response team has been tasked with rescuing him. The strike force must quickly infiltrate the neighborhood, rapidly neutralize resistance in the target building, and secure the hostage for either helicopter or ground evacuation.

Regular Mission Objective.
Infiltrate to the target building.
Neutralize defenses. 
Rescue the hostage. 
Hold until evacuated by ground or air.

I bolstered the original scenario to allow for the greater blood loss that Imperial Commander tends to have in an average game, 3 sections of Russian Regulars, two on foot and one within a BMP, whilst the Chechens had 5 sections deployed on the table in ambush positions, marked by RED cars.... Sneaky but hey I do have 50 of the buggers to play around with.
Photo's are are a little on the light side - To much table top action to keep both on the go.

The Russians are forced down a particular route due to blocked streets and rush the BMP down to the 90 degree turn drawing fire from a number of the defenders who fail to land a telling below on the BMP, the bold move by the AFV flushes out a number of units firing RPG's from the roof tops allowing the Russian Infantry to move on and engage with the defenders.

The BMP is finally stopped 50 yards short of the target building, minor damage from an RPG strike which took out a track, in response the occupants killed all the RPG troops capable of destroying it.

Stalemate: The Chechen's can rush the AFV using close assault and risk high losses, no angle seem open to them as the Russians blaze away from the firing ports. The Russians can leap out from the safety of the Armour and run for the safe house but the number of small arms aimed at them would make this a risky move.

So there both sides sat and waited as the clock ticked down....
The GRU will be fuming as one can only assume the Professor is now in the wind.