Sunday, April 23, 2017

Men who would be Kings - In Space!!!!

With the Wyvern Wargamers Open Day a couple of months away, this year devoted to Osprey Games, I have been thinking about what games would be of interest to people looking to walk in during the day, we have run several games in recent months using Men Who Would Be Kings on most occasions the Thin Red Line fending off waves of Zulu's - It had been suggested that Starship Troopers had the same colonial feel so why not adapt the Bug games to TMWWBK.... They always make for a fun club game.

Well I do like a challange So last week we gave (Space)Men who would be kings a run out.

Poroni One, a Desert moon just outside of the Quarantine Zone

The Mobile Infantry have been tasked with defending the Oxy Plant

The Bug Hordes advance in droves.
Cave Crawlers scamper forwards.

The Warrior Bugs rush forwards

The First Bug Units closes on the defending MI transport.
On the left flank Fliers join the fray.
Failed Initiatives leaves the bugs to mass on the hill top.
Finally the the Warriors get to within clawing distance.
The Bugs close in, the MI blaze away, forcing the bugs back.
Having cleared the Warriors the Fleet troops are unprepared for the Fliers.
The only success for the bugs wiping out the Fleet troops.

Checking in with all those involved the game was pretty tense with the Mobile Infantry fearing being over run on several occasions as it turned out they only lost around 10 men to the bugs hundreds... that felt about right....
Happy to post up the unit characteristics for those interested.
Will this be my game on the day or perhaps a Water Margin outing using Dragon Rampant I have not decided as yet. Both always make for a fun encounter, happy to put it to the vote.

If you are free and want to come along drop us a line here.