Wednesday, May 17, 2017

French Casualties - Shock Markers

I picked these up from Perry Miniatures back in March and finally grabbed some time to get them painted up after the last outing I have a feeling they will be needed.

To keep the number of markers on the table down I have added two dice holders to these bases.

Only a slightly different note I have picked up a couple of extra cloths whilst out and about this week these are a shade yellower and give me enough coverage for 12' by 8'. A proper desert. It does not really show in the photo's but should blend better with the bases for the troops I guess the wider game shots will show the table in a better light.

Next up French reinforcements and a trip to Partizan where I can feel a new project coming on.


  1. They should certainly do the job, nicely done Stuart.

  2. Nice work Stu and the bases seem to fit the new cloth rather nicely.

    1. Lighting was not the best Steve, but let's see on the wider table.