Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Coptic Legion, Egypt 1798-1801

Finally a fresh unit, recent weeks seems to have been filled with the occasional hour here and there and the odd table filler such as bystanders and shock markers, but a free day today and a fresh detachment arrives on the table top.

I had some spare Perry's French which were in need of clearing from the paint table. Re-reading Charles Grants - Napoleon's Campaigns in Egypt he references a unit of Christian Coptics that were recruited by the French. The legion numbered no more than 850 men so the perfect type of unit for Sharp Practice, they would add a little flavour to the table top and make for some interesting scenario's.

The Coptic Legions uniform appears to be very similar in design to that of the regular French line units. The Trousers were of unbleached linen and a Dartmouth Green Coat. I was a little unsure at first as it felt very strange painting French Infantry Green, but I am happy with the results.

Partizan tomorrow and the creative juices are following for a couple of extra projects and top ups to existing campaigns. The Perry's are putting on the Egypt master piece which puts my efforts to shame.... I am sure the visual impact will drive a few extra purchases.
Image result for coptic legion 


  1. What a great looking unit, beautiful uniform and very nicely done!

  2. Nice unit Stu and have fun at Partizan tomorrow. Looking forward to your thoughts on the show.

  3. Stuart,
    Great work there on the Legion - look forward to some Partizan photos? Cheers. KEV.

  4. Cracking looking unit Stuart.

  5. Nice work Stu 👍.
    Regards Gav .