Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ghost Archipelago - Treasure tokens

A couple of months of doing very little, have turned into a flood of projects on the go. All of which I am tempted to dive into. 
The mojo is definately back for January. I could do with a couple of weeks off and a lottery win to get them all to a place where I would be happy.

In no particular order the following are all on the go.
  • A half written idea for transporting Ghost Archipelago into the world of Black Powder and Pirates.
  • A half painted ships crew for GA but perhaps now redundant given the ideas above, still they will make up a new faction should the games take off in popularity.
  • The first turn of the Wyvern Wargamers ACW Sharp Practice Campaign is under way and suddenly I have the urge to paint up that last couple of groups of Rebel Infantry.
  • I have a bunch of conversions under way for the Haiti project to give me more shock markers and Leaders for the Insurgent Army. The heads are off just need to apply the tricorns now.
  • The Plantation House which looked great at the show - But blimey how many bits.....
  • Having made the adaptions for the RJW Project to SP2 it turns out that I need a number extra's to create the right balance of forces for both sides and the spares box as a limited number of replacements.
  • The large scale Pbem WW2 campaign is starting to heat up with action on the Russian Front.
  • A 15mm Russian Village for modern day Russia.

Less planning more doing...
The treasure markers for Ghost Archipelago have been under coated and on the paint table for a number of months so they can be first off the production line. 

The initial outing saw our factions fighting over cargo boxes, so something with a little more sparkle was in order. I picked these up from Bad Squiddo Games in November at Warfare. They are imported from Poland lovely terrain pieces. It's well worth taking a look at the wider range. Ristuls-Extraordinary-Market

I based each of the treasurers on circular bases which allowed me to add some extra flock and to mix with my existing terrain pieces and protect the edges of the treasure piles which could chip as the pieces are resin.

These were free with the Nickstarter and blend in nicely with the others, they will eventually have additional grasses and reeds to fit with my existing swamps and other jungle terrain, just as soon as it's warm enough to varnish.

Two Black Scorpion Pirates to give a sense of scale.
Now all is needed is to adapt Ghost Archipelago and introduce pistols and muskets and we could have a game on our hands.


  1. Great to hear that your mojo is back Stu, and obviously with a vengeance:). The treasure tokens look great btw.

    1. Thanks Steve more to follow - not enough hours in the day now :-)

  2. Excellent treasure tokens! Well done on the painting!

    1. Thanks Terry a little heavy on the detail but they look the part.

  3. Nice job, new adventures to come!