Saturday, July 04, 2020

V the Mini Series - Contact #3

Having painted up some extra troops for the Zikanga militia it gave me the urge to play through a solo scenario for the Visitors garrisoning the central African country of Zikanga. The rules were mix of Ambush Alley and Bolt Action Modern.

Attacks on Visitor personnel have been increasing over the last few weeks by the local militias and the local Police and UN forces seem impotent to stop them. Consequently it has fallen to the Visitor shock troops to conduct a series of operations across the region to teach the enemy a lesson.  

The operations dedicated to Janice and 2nd Platoon are a series of ops designed to strike a blow against the militias and to also uncover the possibility 5th column involvement in supplying the militias.
Just as 2nd Platoon begin their first mission they come under militia mortar fire. 

Mission Objective 
The Visitor Shock Troopers must eliminate all insurgent Hot Spots before the mortar team get things on target! The Visitors have eight turns to complete their objective clearing three huts before the militia fire forces them to retreat.
Insurgent Mission Objective – Kill as many of the Lizards as possible! 

The Visitors start at the bottom end of the table, three huts marked with red markers are the militia hotspots. Victory Points are awarded as follows.

All Hot Spots eliminated – 10 points
No friendly casualties – 5 points  
Every Insurgent Leader eliminated – 2 points 

For each Visitor KIA or WIA – 1 point
For each Hot Spot still on the table at the end of the game – 2 points 

Each Hot Spot contains a group of militia containing a number of small arms plus either an LMG or RPG. Each turn the militia roll 1D6 with a further militia group appearing on a 4+ at one the hot spots.

The Shock Troops rush forwards, with only 8 turns they have a lot of ground to cover.

Rather than trying to defend the huts, the militia look to put a buffer between them and the aliens they rush forwards to seek defensive positions further down the table.

As the groups close Visitor Engineers can be seen flanking the oncoming Zikanga Militia.

Caught in the open the Militia lose a number of men to blaster firer and as they try to react, they fail their morale and are forced down unable to move or return fire.

Meanwhile the Militia defending the burnt out ruin are caught in the open by the Security Troops and Engineers as they infiltrate through the makeshift huts. The Militia are cleared out without a shot being fired.

On the right flank the last defenders pinned on the track are killed having failed to recover from the multiple shock markers, the route to Hut 3 is open.

Finally after a number of poor dice rolls reinforcements arrive for the Militia. Having rolled a 4+ reinforcements are diced for on the following table. 

2 – 1D6 with small arms
3 – 1D6 with small arms and Leader
4 – 1D6 with small arms, 1 with SAW and Leader
5 – 1 with RPG
6 – 1D6 + 2 with small arms
7 – 1D6 + 2 with small arms and Leader
8 – 1D6 + 2 with small arms, 1 with SAW and Leader
9 – 1D6 + 3 with small arms and leader
10 – 1D6 + 2 with small arms, 1 with RPG and Leader
11 – 1D6 + 3 with small arms, 1 with SAW and Leader
12 – 2D6 with small arms and Leader

The extra troops make an instant impact the LMG knocking a Visitor down, his blast vest no match for the heavier rounds striking him squarely in the chest. For a moment the Visitors are stunned.

Meanwhile "Hippo" Bunhoa's militia group who have rushed forward to block the capture of hut 1 are beaten in close combat and are driven from the table, the only consolation is "Hippo" takes down a Lizard for the loss of his squad.

Turn 7 and the remaining militia are heavily engaged with Shock Troopers and Security Troopers. The Visitor numbers are to great and the militia are beaten back. Hut 2 falls.

Turn 8 and the last hut falls without a shot being fired.

An outright victory for the Visitors with the loss of only two troopers, one of which only suffered a light wound and will be available for the next mission, all the militia was either killed or routed, perhaps a static defence would have been better? 

The reinforcements failed to materialise which kept the militia under pressure and combination of some good saves from the Visitor body armour and poor command rolls from the militia made it a tough ask for the human forces.

A fun game the Bolt Action Modern rules transferred well to the Visitor setting and flowed quickly.

Next up secure the Weapons Cache.


  1. I think Bolt Action is one of those rulesets that transfer rather easily to different settings, with minimal tweaks. Great looking game as always and it reminds me once again that I really should give these rules a run out.

    1. That's what i thought Steve, no time for technicalities when the opponent is your mirror :-)

  2. Great game and report Stu...although not mentioned in the narrative, I did see Diana lurking in a couple of the this the first Visitor game that she has come through unscathed?

  3. Your right :-)
    I changed her name to Janice and suddenly our Diana becomes impervious to bullets.
    What luck...

  4. Wow! Really cool game, Stu. Scenario, figures and terrain are wonderful. I agree about Bolt Action being very adaptable to many genres.

    1. Easy to pick up and convert, I do need to test it with a human player soon :-)

  5. Cool idea for a game STuart!