Sunday, October 23, 2022

V the Mini Series - Knock Knock #5

Over the years I have switched between several rules sets and this outing is no different. In low level games I like the idea of ducking back and being pinned by fire, Chain Reaction by Two Hour Wargames really captures this well and strikes the balance between 'Stars' and regular troopers.

Back to the depths of Zikanga where the Visitors have been struggling to suppress the local population, it just goes to show not every mothership was sent to major US and European cities. 

Intelligence has led to resistance leader Soloman Mohah who is located in a village protected by a group of militia men. The Visitors need to capture him, whilst keeping casualties to a minimum.

The Visitors can approach the village from any of the access roads, the militia man the main check point and have men in most of the huts. The militia outnumber the Visitors by 3:1 but they are poorer quality. 

Picking the right access road Diana and the Shock Troopers rush in with the heavy laser cannon pouring fire into the militia men who stumbled from the first hut. The intention to attract the defenders and draw them out of their defensive positions.

Having drawn the sentries away a fresh detachment of Shock Troopers advanced up the main road using the concrete pillars as cover. 

As the firefight at the front of the village continues, further Visitors land at the rear of the village, which is largely undefended.

The Visitors get the drop on Soloman, taking out a number of his guards who were unable to react in time. Caught in the open they are cut down where they stood.

A lowly technician rushes round the corner to grab Soloman but is shot down, he would not get a second shot as another technician sets her blaster to stun and Soloman is down.

Visitors fill the village while the remainder of Soloman militia hide in the huts unwilling to risk more of their number in a firefight with the Shock Troopers. 

A fun encounter which delivered the right result. One person of interest captured, 15 of his militiamen killed for the loss of only two troopers. The Chain Reaction rules work really well, with the lower quality militia were often unable to react and fire in the same turn. The Visitor Body armour protected many of the troopers unless caught in the open at close range or from higher calibre weapons of the militia.

The reaction rules worked well, the threat of the heavy laser cannon and the blasters forced many of the militia to keep their heads down when better trained troops might be inclined to return fire....

Episode 6 - Can Soloman Mohah be rescued?


  1. Hey Stu, a nice looking table and fun game as usual. I was interested to read that you had used CR3. I don't think I have ever seen them mentioned on any blog previously, but I also gave a copy and have used them a few times for ultra modern "War on Terror" games. How long did your game take to play? My only criticism of the rather unique "chain reaction" process is, it can take a bit of time to resolve each interaction with opposing forces. I might have to set up a small modern skirmish game and give them another run through!

    1. It was a raid to the back of the cupboard :-)
      It took a couple of hours with the Shock Troops as Rep 4 and the militia on a 3. with the Visitors outgunning the militia. I do like the back and forth on a one on one, but bigger units I do struggle with the 'mass' of units and how many tests are needed. But much like you great for small actions.

  2. Nice to see Zikanga back on the table:).

    1. Thanks Steve always a fun outing....

  3. Cracking report! It all looks fab!