Saturday, May 11, 2024

D- Day - Fox Green Beach - Bolt Action

With the 80th Anniversary of D-Day approaching lots of chat at the club about returning to refight the allied invasion of Europe.

A few weeks earlier than planned and the US landing at Fox Green Beach. A great looking table, Andy S put in a load of effort to map the bunkers against the actual locations.

Can the 116th RCT clear the beach?
Played using Bolt Action with a couple of tweaks including increasing the number of allied troops available on the day.

Lots of home made bunkers and Tobruk turrets to hamper the allied assault.

The Americans storm ashore, with GI rushing across the open ground.

That flaming 88mm was playing havoc with the DD tanks as the Infantry stalled under MMG fire, fortunately a naval bombardment was able to pin a number of the defenders for a couple of crucial turns.

Slowly the allies made there way through the wire and knocked over one pill box at a time. Fox Green Beach was open ;-)

Great fun.... lots of talk about a bigger game and linking it to the airborne landings.... Let's see what June brings.

Now back to the brushes.


  1. Great looking game Stu - I think 6 June is actually a Friday - so seems perfect for a reenactment on the anniversary to me - even if I have to do it solo in 15mm!