Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Dawn Raid - Barons War/Lion Rampant mash up.

Club night and a mash up, taking the first scenario of the Baron's War Death and Taxes supplement but converting the units to Lion Rampant. 

The hamlet of Wimentun has been under the heel of the Sherriff and his henchmen for a long time, taxes have been increasing month on month, it was time to take a stand.

The villagers had, had enough stirred on by hooded figure in green it was time to turn away the tax collectors and fight for their freedom gathering in the village square the men and women of Wimentun had to defend their hovels and notable buildings (Church, Blacksmith, Pigsty and Treehouse) from the attackers. The villagers start in the centre of the village with the tax collectors coming on from all sides.

The Hooded Man cheering on the defenders.

The outlaws take to the tree house as the spearmen rush into the village, firing arrows into the attackers.

Coming on from the 4 corners, the Sherriff's men are looking to surround the men in green as well as raiding each of the homes, taking every penny that could be found.

The heavy horse move down from the high ground looking to break into the village, the local loose their arrows slowing down the initial assault.

It turns out unarmoured archers are no much use against armoured cavalry and they are routed from the field. The villagers and defenders fall back heading to the church.

The outlaw heads into the forest being chased away by the Sherriff's men.... A change of tactics next time perhaps? - One thing is for certain the taxes of Wimentun will definitely be going up.

A great scenario that transfers well from one rule set to another..
With 4 players a number of which had not played Lion Rampant before it ran well and gave a realistic and quick outcome.

More games to follow as the Outlaws strike back....


  1. That's a brilliant game you put on there Stu!

  2. Lovely looking game, super table!

  3. Looks great even if the "baddies" won.....no one likes Inland Revenue!

    1. So very true - It might have been different if the Blacksmith routed on the first turn :-(

  4. That does look like a fun game.

    1. A great club night with everyone engaged.