Sunday, May 26, 2024

Perry Miniatures vs Footsore Miniatures

Time for some more Christians for the long journey to the Holy lands, a mix of Footsore and Perry's... In there own right both lovely castings but I will need a few more from each company as the Perry sculpts look like they have eaten most of the rations....

First up a spear unit in padded jackets and chain mail, mostly Footsore but you can see 'Little Bill' in the front rank, not even similar basing can mask his stature.

Having decided on Lion Rampant for this project I can get away with a smaller units until  I in fill the ranks to make them up till 12 models.

The comparison between the two ranges - Footsore (L) Perry Miniatures (R) - I was thinking about the new Victrix range but by all accounts they are event bigger....

The Christians are likely to need some divine intervention so a bunch of Holy men and Pilgrims to be escorted across the table top.

Finally a bunch of Bill men from Perry's. In their own units they look great.

Not a bad effort before they take to the table for their first outing.


  1. Personally I dislike Perry now. It’s just all the flash and mould marks, I have even had miscasts. Simon

  2. Nicely painted, they look great, fair bit of difference between the two ranges though.

  3. Nice work even if Little Bill has had half-rations for sometime! I had some Perry sculpts years ago and loads of flash needed removing, which I was not expecting:(.

  4. Its frustrating when you get mismatches of that nature, but I like the plucky little unfed kid from the street vibe you've got going here! They look great- just the thing to defend Outremer!

  5. Nice work Stu……a lovely period đź‘Ť

  6. And very nice they look too!!!