Sunday, June 23, 2024

Perry Miniatures - Muslim Armoured foot.

 After a few weeks away time to get back on the brushes..

The seems to be a distinct lack of Islamic armoured foot in the market, these are from Perry's Crusades range and are very nice, they might be slightly larger than the Footsore castings but will be just fine in a unit on their own.

When used within Lion Rampant they form up in units of 6, which makes use of the pack from the Perry Twins, Shield designs are transfers from Little Big Man Studio, such a time saver.

Next up..... more Saracen heavy cavalry.


  1. Very nice work, they are really well done. Those shield transfers are really good and as you point out must be a real time saver.

  2. Lovely looking additions Stu - are the transfers easy to use - I was very nervous about having to use some on the Blitzkrieg German armour, but they seemed to work fine - maybe the modern versions are better than the terrible things I had so much trouble with as a prepubescent schoolboy?!

    1. Very true, half the battle was getting them out of the water bath and trying to stop them folding in half :-)

  3. Stu,
    Great looking figures, the unit will look gtreat.

  4. Nice work on well posed figures, full of action:). Transfers certainly make our lives so much easier on the shields front!