Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Lion Rampant - Desert Raid

After a number of months on the paint table, enough models have come off the production line to put on a large game. 30 points aside with the Arab player tasked with attacking the camp and burning down the various tents. The Christian defenders had a scratch force defending the outskirts of the camp long enough for the rescue party to arrive.

The Muslim forces came on across a broad front looking to overwhelm the defenders. The camp was in the centre of the table, but the Arab forces were move mobile due to their light cavalry and Infantry.

The Christians held the line with a unit of spearmen, pilgrims and a skirmish unit, the bulk of the Christian forces were rushing to support the defenders.

The Arab forces pushed through the oasis looking to flank the defenders with medium cavalry and sneaky fire grenades. The Christian forces could do nothing but stand their ground.

The fire bombs did their work and whilst they missed their target the scrub around the spearmen caught fire and a number of men fell to the sticky flaming substance.... The balance was now with the Arabs.

Help was on the way with Templar cavalry rushing forwards.

The cavalry could not help themselves they charged forwards, the Arabs fell back which resulted in the cavalry crashing into the wall of spears, the cavalry fell backwards the Templars were peppered by a storm of arrows, the counter attack was blunted.

The Arabs had a new tactic and turned their attention to the spear unit still holding their ground their padded armour making them difficult to shift. The Arab stood off and fired into the defenders eventually their morale failed and they routed from the table.

Arab medium cavalry swept from the high ground on the left flank crashing into the pilgrims left in the camp, who were unable to stand against the cavalry.

Revenge was close at hand as the second Templar unit charged the Muslim mounted men beating them and sending them packing.

Muslim spearmen filled the centre of the camp, but were badly beaten getting to the outskirts and were driven back by the fresh Christian billmen and Templars.

Time was running out for both sides to secure a win and the leaders in a last throw of the dice entered into a personnel challenge.

Victory went to the righteous and the Arab leader was felled.

A great game with so many 'what if' moments, the concentration of missile fire within the Arab forces makes the Christians go on to the attack. They will definitely need more missile men to combat the Arab threat.

The perfect inspiration to crack on the reinforcements coming through the post this week.


  1. What a cracking game Stu and lovely to see these figures in action!

  2. Great to see the forces get onto the battlefield Stu, such a nice period 👍

  3. Great looking game. Looks like fun all around.