Saturday, February 11, 2023

Wragaming the Battle for Suxy - France 11th May 1940 - Bolt Action.

Club day and a trip to France in 1940 as elements of the 10th Panzer Division and Motorised Infantry Regiment Gross Deutschland head towards the small town of Suxy which brought them into contact with the French 1st Cavalry Brigade, the French were taken by surprise, but tenaciously defended the town.

The view from the German approaches.

The view from French side, to add to their lack of preparedness the French selected a unit and then had to dice for the entry road. The 1st Cavalry had to halt the advance of the German invader.

Using the 'Blucher' order dice the Germans roll high for the French, but the French roll low for the Germans, French advance units fill both roads.

The slow moving Char B had barely entered the town when the German 222 with seen racing towards the cross roads.

High Noon - The Panhard Armoured Car poked round the corned which sent the little 222 reversing backwards out of line of sight.

Members of Gross Deutschland filter through the orchards and hedge rows on the approach to the church 

In true Blitzkrieg fashion the Panzer III crashes through the gardens but is stopped dead by the French Armour. Suxy will be a tough nut to crack. 

Stripped of their armour cover the Germans Infantry scattered as the French Armour came into view, the SDKFZ 222 blasted away but the Panhard was firmly focused on the foot sloggers.

With French Infantry pouring into the Church the German's retired to away the Stuka's.....

A bad day at the office for the Germans, the activation dice fell fortunately for the French allowing them to move quickly and in greater numbers into the Suxy before the Germans can bring more forces into play. An aggressive opening moving did put the French under pressure with the Armour hitting the cross roads early, but the loss of armour and the Infantry AT capabilities made it a tough ask for the Germans.

Good fun all round despite the result.....


  1. A beautifully dressed table there Stu, the town of Suxy looks great, and a nice size of scenario for a two hour game. Good to see the Fascist Beasts get a bloody nose!

    1. Very true although a touch lucky on the activations ;-)

  2. A very fine game there Stu and good to see a French win for once!

  3. That's a great looking table and game Stuart.