Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Baron's War Outremer - Knights Templar - Foot

Crickey a month has passed since the first Crusaders cleared the paint table. Now time for the foot knights to enter the fray.

Lovely castings from Footsore Miniatures a mix of their knights and Templars

They still need a varnish and a standard adding along with a few bits of scrub, but largely finished. The transfers for the shields saves a load of time, I could not achieve this free hand.

Next up Muslim Cavalry as the forces start to take shape.


  1. Great work on the Templar foot!

  2. Great work Stu! I think I loved the Crusaders ever since my late grandparents got a plastic figure from a cereal packet in the late 1960's, which was the sort of thing that happened way back then. It reminds me we had some First Nation American's in the 1970's too, or at least just the bust of the famous warriors, that came in two parts IIRC.

  3. More lovely work on these Stu! - Steve J - I remember those American Indian (deliberately un PC provocation!) busts in Kellogg's cereal packets too - Tecumseh was definitely one of them and probably Geronimo and Sitting bull, too!

  4. Love the painting of the robes on these guys.