Friday, February 09, 2024

Pony Wars and Sands of Sudan - The luck of the cards.....

Sometimes its nice to play on the same side.... Two games in two weeks both along a similar theme with commanders all trying to play together for a common good. The Pony Wars games have a sense of fear as the soldiers in blue head off into the hinterland. Although I am beginning to really resent the homesteaders :-) 

Pony Wars

The cards fell well for the cavalry with limited Sioux appearing on the table, the federal forces were on the look out for gun runners looking to make a quick buck selling guns and whiskey to the Injuns.

Turn one and the Indians are already sending smoke signals to their buddies in the hills, we sent A troop up the high ground to drive them off as a wagon train enters the table and heads for the fort.

Meanwhile hearing that there was a clam bake sale at the church settlers head up the team only to be ambushed by the locals who were armed with bow and arrow, but then who should appear in the clearing but the flaming gun runners. Alas the settlers would not see another sun rise.

Having watched men, women and children butchered the cavalry retreated to one of the homesteads and awaiting reinforcements as the indians with their new repeating rifles took pot shots from afar.

But as luck would have it, the Masked Man and Tonto appeared to save the day, although he was ignored by several Indians which caused hoots of laugher from the rank and file.

Not everyone was laughing through as the Indian Scouts were cut down in the pass before they could get back to the main command.

Just as the cavalry plotted their revenge and drew their sabre's for a ferocious charge (Ok the might have been running low on ammunition) The Lone Ranger persuaded the Indians to leave the table and head back to the reservation. Spoil Sport - But we will take that as a win.

On the other side of the globe a similar encounter was unfolding.

Sands of the Sudan.

A week later and perhaps it was the fact we were British we entered the desert with a sense of purpose surely no savage could stand up to the might of the crown.

Unlike the Sioux the Dervish come on in huge numbers very often watching from afar awaiting for the Emir to give his signal. The occasional HE shell did nothing to change their mood.

Having watched plenty of movies like the Four Feathers the Brits new what was needed and kept a tight formation, the drums started beating and the natives charged getting pretty close to the British lines, with supplies close at hand the Brits and Egyptians poured fire into the Dervish and sent them packing.

With the Dervish attack shattered time to unleash the lancers.... It was a great plan sweep behind the natives and send the packing.....

Right plan but you need to know when to break off, the initial charge failed to break the Fuzzy Wuzzy and they were joined by friends keen to avenge their fallen comrades. The Lancers fled taking their wounded officer with them. That will take some explaining in the mess.

Time to head back to the steamer and the safety of the Nile.

Great games and both with a slightly different feel, you really have to plan ahead and balance you resources, the lancers head the oasis in sight but had to turn back when our of the heat haze came hundreds of Arab riders.... 

Looking forward to playing a few more of these games in the coming months and perhaps an adaption for Starship Troopers just for fun...


  1. A couple of great "Cooperative" games there Stu - and I know what you mean about it being nice to all be on the same side every so often! I also understand the irritation caused by settlers in Pony Wars and their seeming obsession with Clam Bakes - whatever they actually are?!

  2. Two great games for the price of one post 👍

  3. Both are very good games. Pony Wars especially is a hoot.

  4. Nice to see some Pony Wars action again and of course a cameo appearance by the Lone ranger and Tonto (I hope you played the appropriate music and used the famous catch phrase😉?). The Sudan game looked excellent too.