AVBCW Campaign - Rules

Players take on board a faction within the city with an objective of extending their influence for themselves and their cause.

Each campaign turn represents a weeks events, each player rolls for initiative on a 1D10, the lead player then selects a proposed mission, the campaigns runs on a narrative basis with the player with the initiative choosing their objective, they continue to select missions and objectives until they lose a scenario when the winner takes over the story and selection of objectives and missions.

Throughout the city various vulnerable points or points or strategic interest are situated, securing these points will provide each certain advantages or restrict the other factions in the city.

Whilst players are free to choose their forces for each engagement, they may not exceed their pool of manpower available and must try and keep to the spirit of the game.
Some troops will always need to be held back to protect your parishes and “you can’t sneak an armoured column through the city without someone noticing”

Each Week the active player will provide the umpire with his actions for the week and any necessary encounters are played out.
At the end of every 4 weeks or month the following monthly activities are actioned.

Monthly Activities

Disease Roll
Each month each active player must make a roll on the following disease table, modifiers are made against the number of public health facilities controlled.

DiceDisease TypeFighting Men Struck down
80-85%Dysentery1D10 Wounded
86-90%Cholera2D10 Wounded
91-95%Pneumonia1D6 Killed – 1D10 Wounded
96-99%Typhus1D10 Killed – 2D10 Wounded
100%Bubonic Plague1D100 Killed

The following modifiers will be made to the dice roll if you control the strategic points.
-10% Waterworks
-10% Gas Works
-15% Sewage Works
-15% Royal Infirmary

Reinforcements are generated each month for each Parish at a rate of 2D10.
These reinforcements join the man power pool for the parish and are small armed armed.
For every 50 men available you may roll on the equipment table, choosing to the type of equipment required. Common would include Heavy Machine Guns, Mortars etc, whilst Scarce might extend to Anti-tank Guns and Armoured cars, Rare would include Heavy Artillery or Tanks.


Weapons may only be selected within their historical context.


Injuries received during the pervious months encounters can be addressed at the end of the calendar month.

We use the Operation Overlord rules for our games in the world “VBCW” however to provide the units with a little more longevity we have incorporated the wound and KIA table for the Arc of Fire Rule set.

Should figures incur the following wounds they will need to seek medical attention which will delay their return to action.

Arm/shoulder Wound – Return next calendar month.
Leg Wound – Return next calendar month.
Gut Wound – Return next calendar month.
Heavy Wound – Return the following month.

Exploring the City

Each city parish contains both fighting men and women and children.

Each Parish when first encountered should be rolled on the following table to obtain details of the people within and available fighting troops.

Each parish will contain 10% of armed men.

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Fighting Men

The City is made up of various factions ranging from local parish militia to political groups or factory workers.

When wishing to pass through an unknown part of the city a playing card is selected to understand the motivation of the defenders or residents residing within, players are free to create a suitable backdrop to the new group but consideration should be given to the location and the historical make up of the area.

Militia and NPC groups within the city.

Unless run by another player each group should draw a playing card to understand the groups motivation. This was heavily influenced by the mechanism with GDW – Twilight: 2000 RPG game.

Clubs: Violence.
The Militia or Group are likely to react with violence when encountered, violence is often viewed as the preferred means of resolving a dispute although this may not always mean they are unfriendly.

Diamonds: Wealth.
The Militia or Group are looking to make a profit they will often strike hard bargains but will often be open to bribes.

Hearts: Fellowship.
The Militia or Group have a strong sense of duty and loyalty to their cause.

Spades: Power.
The Militia or Group seek power with a strong desire to manipulate and control the people around them.

Militia leaders should draw a second card and any of the following characteristics should be applied.

Diamond Ace: Generosity.
The Militia Leader is generous to a fault and will gladly give away anything his has to someone in need, even if it leaves him with nothing.

Diamond King: Selfishness
The Militia Leader will never help without demanding payment and never give anything away.

Diamond Queen: Lustful.
The Militia Leader has an obsession with a member of the opposite sex.

Diamond Jack: Coward.
The Militia Leader is a total coward and will run from danger at every opportunity.

Spade Ace: Charismatic.
The Militia Leader is a charismatic leader that others are naturally drawn to and want to follow. He is likely to have a large and loyal following.

Spade King: Deceitful.
The Militia Leader is a Liar and may be a traitor if the situation presents itself.

Spade Queen: Ruthless.
The Militia Leader will let nothing stand in his way of achieving a goal and has total disregard for others.

Spade Jack: Pompous.
The Militia Leader considers himself clearly superior to everyone around him.

Club Ace: War Leader.
The Militia Leader is a natural understanding of military tactics and can very often anticipate the enemy’s next move.

Club King: Brutal.
The Militia Leader is a sadistic brute who enjoys the use of torture whether or not anything is to be gained from it.

Club Queen: Stubborn.
The Militia Leader is stubborn and pig headed once he has made his mind up.

Club Jack: Murderer.
The Leader of the Militia is planning a murder for reasons of personnel gain.

Heart Ace: Justice.
The Militia Leader sees justice as the greatest virtue and the only important action when dealing with a person and will assist any attempt to right a wrong.

Heart King: Honour.
The Militia Leader sees his word as his bond and his word of honour is absolute.

Heart Queen: Love.
The Militia Leader is so completely in love he would willingly sacrifice himself for that person.

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