Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chinese Provincial Militia.... Yet more bad guys...

After the latest modern outing time to go back to the original painting plan and begin to reduce the mountain of lead which seems to has increased somewhat in recent months.
At least until the postman arrives on Monday.

Damn you Wargames Butterfly......

Having painted the local Prefect for the recent Hammerhead outing, I though it only right and proper that he had his own guard detail to protect the emperors taxes.

Definately not historically accurate but very much in keeping with the 1970's TV series where the local police were in a blue and red type uniforms and the Imperial guard in Yellow, besides I had flag to use up and had already cut the flaming thing out and all of the frills.

 The prefect making sure everything is in order.

I am itching to pull the various bits together now and kick off a number of linked scenario's using Advanced Songs and Blades which hit the door mat a few weeks ago.

One idea would be to follow the episodes guide in the DVD box set. - That should keep me occupied for a while 48 Hrs of viewing let alone game time.


  1. Ah, that explains the "The Water Margin" title. I did wonder if it was referencing something, but I never got around to googling.

    Nice looking miniatures, and your Chinese games always look great so I'll look forward to seeing these on the tabletop.

  2. Nice minis but I loved The Water Margin!

  3. Nice paint work Stu !
    Regards Gav .

  4. Now I really like those, even though they are the bad guys!