Saturday, October 01, 2016

Sharp Practice 2 - The Ottoman Empire Part 1

A new month and a new project, OK an expansion of an original project started a few years ago and in need of a make over to fit with the new Sharp Practice 2 rules.
Image result for ottoman empire in egypt mamluks
Mamluks coming to a table this winter.

Sharp Practice 2 is very different animal to the original rule set, far slicker in game play and player experience, it introduces a points based system that brings a degree of uniformity to the table top and an element of pre-battle planning as you decide what to spend your support points on, really useful if you play the same opponent regularly and want to shock them every now and again with a fresh new unit.

The fact that each force is made up of a number of 8 figure groups for regulars and 6 figure groups for skirmishers leaves me with a challange, my original collection is over recruited in some units and under staffed in others.
I also have the added challange of painting the unit in the same style of the original and matching the colours when I never wrote down the exact paints for each unit.

The Egyptian Ottoman's are probably best broken down into 4 distinct factions when opposing the French each in my opinion giving a very different gaming experience.

Ottoman - Nile Forces
Ottoman New Order Army
Mamluk Cavalry and followers
Bedouin Raiders

The plan for the winter is to work through each of them back filling and bringing units up to strength as well as completing the French.

The first core force should be leaving the paint table tonight...


  1. Nice winter project will watch with interest 😀

    1. Thanks Matt always nice to give the troops a bit of a make over.

  2. Looking forward to seeing how this develops. Oh and good to have had a game and a good chat at Blast-Tastic today:)

    1. Good to see you again Steve, lovely looking figures and a great little rule set... might be tempted if only my eyesight could cope.

  3. Stuart-
    Winter? Good that you are pre-planning your activities on a new/re-vamped project. I hope to have my Project near complete by late summer- finding it difficult to get motivated- somewhat daunted by the shear scale of the entire Project. Regards. KEV.