Monday, February 06, 2017

The Rescue of Lu Whey - A Dragon Rampant Scenario - Part 2

Sunday night saw the first outing for Dragon Rampant - Chinese Style and what a game.....
Very 6.00pm BBC 2 if you are a child of the 70's...

Shih Chin's wife has been held hostage by the evil Kao Chau in an effort to keep him from joining the rebels at Liang Shan Po. Our heroes have received news that Lu whey is being held in a house several miles from the capital but she is soon to be escorted under military escort to the Capital.
Wasting no time at all Kao sets off down the road, he had chosen his forces well, a whole bunch of regular army, Temple Guards and even a pair of enchanted Foo Dogs.  Lu Whey was held in the war wagon. It was only a short distance and he felt confident he would whisk his prize away...
Meanwhile the men of Liang Shan Po split there forces looking to sandwich the column between two forces, Shin Chin had recruited Lu Ta and Sung Chaing to his cause together with a couple of detachments of cavalry.
Seeing the Water Margin Rebels to his left and right, Kao dispatched a unit of Infantry to stall the rebel advance. They pour out of the village only to be confronted by two heroes and the palace guard. They did not stand and were soon swept from the field.
Battle is joined at the head of the column, the Imperial militia are no match for the light cavalry of Liang Shan Po and they to are broken and flee the table, not the best start - Just because you where a uniform it does not make you soldier.
Kao Chau calls forwards his temple guard to force the road open. But the Cavalry fight on and force them back.
The Foo Dogs with their wild charge engage the cavalry and finally force them from the field but they had delayed the column long enough for the Heroes to catch the slow moving column.

Sung Chaing - The Good Judge catches up with the War Wagon and with his mighty Iron clubs  smashes through the wooden defences forcing the defenders to flee, he grabs Lu Whey and heads back towards her waiting husband.
Kao Chau who to be fair was really not having a good night rallied the wagon escort only to be set upon by Lu Ta  who had struggled to get into the fight thus far. A vision in Orange he chases the escort party from the table.
The Temple Guards who had been by far his best element were engaged by their arch enemy the Palace guard and are pushed back.

The Palace Guard fresh from their victory over the Temple Guard charge into Kao Chau and force him to flee. It really had not been his night.

The Good Judge escorts Lu Whey back to her Husband.....
Roll the Credits.....

A really fun game to run, the Heroes were valiant and the villains numerous but ineffective. The outcome could have been written for television, a shame the flame throwers did not make an appearance but. I am sure Kao Chau will have a cunning plan to seek his revenge.


  1. I knew I should have had the flame throwers. I could have turned that useless wagon into a flaming road block! Still my faithful Foo Dogs and wizard of dubious worth have survived. I will prevail!! (next time). A great game and I can't wait till the next episode.

    1. Already have the next mission lined up Henrik...
      Revenge will be yours.. :-)

  2. I love it Stuart, it looks superb and must have been great fun.

  3. Great looking game and I had the theme music playing in my head as I read your report!

  4. These posts are inspiring me to consider how I might put something together for The Water Margin in 15mm. I think there's a couple of viable HOTT armies in there at the very least.

    Like most people, I only know the story from the TV series.

    1. Thre most certainly is Kaptain - never quite got round to that one yet !

  5. Stuart,
    Great to see the Miniatures you had been working on in play - well done. Cheers. KEV