Friday, November 26, 2021

Pony Wars - Cowboys.

 A quick update and three extra bases to support the cavalry as they seek the elusive Sioux. 

These are from Baccus Pony Wars Range and include a couple of Boers to make up the number.

Under the Sharp Practice amendments they will be classed as scouting cavalry and within the game will be mounted without the option to dismount.

Next up the last of the 6mm


  1. Very nice Stu but too small for my eyes and shaky hands these days:(

  2. Yes I think I might have trouble with figures this small too! As previously stated though, I can definitely see the many advantages this scale provides. What's the thinking behind prohibiting the scouts from dismounting Stu?

    1. Honestly Keith my rational is make them scouting cavalry under sharp practice, on the basis they are more likely to shoot and scoot, rather than dismount like the cavalry might and fighter better on foot. They can also shoot from the saddle, where the cavalry can only use pistols.