Friday, January 07, 2022

Excalibur - Arise Sir Boorman.

How about that for influence. 

A mere month since I started a small project to recreate Excalibur for Songs of Blades and Heroes than the director John Boorman is knighted for services for film.

Thanks to everyone who helped me track down the Mordred and Morgana castings. Buried deep in the Minifigs catalogue it was almost a quest in itself. They are however lovely castings and have captured the movie brilliantly.

L-R (Wilderness) Lancelot, King Arthur. Mordred and Morgana.

Mordred with spear in hand and Morgana ready to cast her evil spells.

Good King Arthur and his trusty Champion Lancelot back from self imposed exile.

Morgana and the child Mordred - Merlin's see's the future.

Mordred masses his forces looking to over throw King Arthur.

The Knights of the Round Table stand firm against the forces of darkness.

The scene is set for the final battle at Camlann, will Mordred win and seize Excalibur and the Crown.

Looking forward to getting these on the table for some quick evening games and a quest or two.


  1. They look great Stu and await their debut on the table:)

  2. Those are really very nice figures from Minifigs Stu. I remember seeing a film/series with Mordred wearing the gold face mask! It's odd, I thought Morgana had dark hair but just Googled it and see the character was played by Helen Mirren, so definitely a Blondie!

    1. Most definitely a blonde having now watched it a further 5 times :-)

  3. Looking good a nice little collection đź‘Ť

  4. Love these! It was a great film and so looking forward to seeing the game unfol.