Sunday, December 03, 2023

No mini's left behind (1) - Starship Troopers

After a but of a tidy up in the gaming room, you come across a few more items from the cupboard of shame, I thought I had cleared many of these items during lockdown but clearly not.

So bare metal blisters went on e-bay and several others dropped into the painting queue - On the basis of ship in or ship out - No Mini's are left behind :-)

First up a 3D printed Brain Bug for Starship Troopers - The Mongoose variant sell for around £60.00 on E-bay but this proxy will do just fine... I seem to recall this one was purchased over 4 years ago - finally now table ready.

Perfect for raid scenarios and the like the Mobile Infantry will have their work cut out in the tunnels of Klandethu.

Might be even tempted to get a game in over the Christmas break now this is finished.

Right on to the next box and whatever is tucked away in there.


  1. That brain bug looks brilliant Stu, but my mind boggles at the thought of paying £60 for one miniature!

  2. A nice "find" Stu and it has painted up well - I am with Steve on paying $60 for one wargaming item - that's why I generally make my own scenery!

    1. The rise of 3D does make you wonder about future pricing.

  3. Sorry for the late visit, Stu. But have to say very nice work on the figs and terrain.