Monday, November 27, 2023

Tactics 2 = Desert Campaign Allied Move 1, Game 2 - Raid & Prisoner Grab.

Having seized the town of Karalaan 1st Armoured Brigade were tasked with raiding the outskirts of town to unsettle and push back the Axis forces. They can been slow to react and had reached Karalaan only to find it in Allied hands.

The 9th Colonial Infantry Regiment were deployed in the pumping station over looking the town, the concentration of blinds gave a good defensive position with barbwire and slit trenches to bolster the line. However the Allies had some luck and were able to call in a preliminary bombardment hitting the pumping station which put the Vichy forces automatically under pressure.

The Allies picked a full platoon, reinforced by a further section and supporting elements, together with a spotter from an off table artillery piece, more than enough for a raid and prisoner grab?

Unsure of the weak spot in the line, the Allies opted for a couple of section across the entire front with the mass of troops filtering through the mosque. That seemed the closed to the enemy positions as else where there was simply to much open ground to cover.

Rather worryingly the CO spotted a H35 Light tank parked up, that could be problematic as the allies only had a single boyes rifle and no one thought that AT Grenades might be an idea.

Several moves in and the British Infantry moved ever closer to the enemy lines, the spotter for the 3inch scrambled on to the roof top, to get a clearer view of the defenders.

The attackers started to make their move under cover of HE rounds.

As the shells landed, the first section rushed across the road the colonial infantry were unable to raise their heads long enough to supress the Brits, who had their eyes firmly on a light mortar team who were valliantly throwing the occasional round towards the attackers, in a sharp firefight the team was over powered and bound up for a race back to the allied lines.

Meanwhile having sensed this was not the full blown assault they had been expecting, the French Armour rolled forwards chasing down the flank section who were forced to fall back, the 3inch turned to fire on the tank but it was difficult to score a hit. The two HMG's were really taking their toll on the allies.

Over confident perhaps. The Boyes AT team popped up from the mosque wall disabling the French tank and allowing the British to slip away. It would be repaired but it was enough to force the French to call it a night.

The 9th are forced to fall back having sustained losses totalling -346 points to the allied -80 another good showing for the allies. Let's see what the next round brings as the Axis forces take look to respond to the allied opening moves.


  1. More excellent stuff on the campaign front Stu:).

  2. All seems very like the early days in the desert, before the dastardly Hun and their unsportingly professional attitude turned up and spoiled all the fun!