Friday, November 17, 2023

Africa Korps Support Sections.

Having completed the Commonwealth forces, the German Africa Korps clear the paint table, a mix of Warlord and Artisan Miniatures.

A great addition to the German forces and perfect timing as the campaign games are calling.

The German Light AT Gun - 37mm should be ok for stopping some of the lighter armour the allies have. But might struggle against some of the larger peices.

The battle word 75mm IG will be a valuable addition to the Axis assault.

The main stay of German defences the MG42, the Artisan figures are a little more bulkier than the Warlord figures but they blend in well once based up.

Next up..... a couple of BIG games.... and a green table for a change.


  1. Great looking Afrika Korps troops and guns, Stu!

  2. Good looking artillery and antitank stands, love the lived in look.

  3. Very nice additions Ray, but like my Blitzkrieg Germans, your Afrika Korps boys may find the Pak 36 a bit under powered - they probably need a Pak 40 in there too!

    1. I think you are right, lets just hope only light tanks appear on the table :-)

  4. Lovely work Stu and you can't beat the IG and ATG for sheer visual appeal IMHO:).